I have a date set up with Marie! I can’t wait to tell her home story but until then here is a sneak peak. She and her husband took on a labor of love when they bought a small home smack dab in the middle of our Swedish island. 

Why? Because it was from the 1700s, dilapidated with dirt floors and heritage marked by the municipality to boot.

People in our small town must have thought them mad! I remember overhearing conversations, here and there,  that "the house" had sold and  "the new owners had no idea what they were in for!" Living on a small island means everyone had an opinion about that house, mostly of how it was a ramshackle when it came onto the market.

At that time I didn’t know Marie but got to know her a few years after she had moved in. Fast forward 16 years and you will see the magical transformation they have done with a lot of hard work, determination and respect for that which once was. 

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Stay tuned for the update after our date.